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3 Tips to Keep Your Restaurant Clean

A clean and inviting restaurant with delicious food is critical to keeping your restaurant thriving. People look forward to dining out and nothing will upset your patrons more than an unclean restaurant. Recent studies have shown that 75% of restaurant patrons will never return to a restaurant if they observe cleanliness issues. When you couple [...]

What it Takes to Keep Your Place of Worship Clean

Places of worship are called sanctuaries for a reason. Have you ever walked into a house of worship and just felt the peace and holiness surrounding you? That’s a good sign of a clean worship hall because there are no distractions -- allowing the congregation to focus on the beauty of the house of worship [...]

Keep Your Controlled Environment Clean

Colonial Commercial Cleaning provides janitorial cleaning services for specialized businesses in the Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. area. Our experience has allowed us to excel in cleaning critical environments also known as controlled environments. Examples of controlled environments includes data centers, laboratories, electrical rooms and building “engine” rooms. These unique spaces are more sensitive to [...]

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

As someone who owned and ran a residential cleaning company, I can tell you that the specific differences between residential and commercial cleaning are few. BUT, they are very important differences. When you hire someone to clean your home you want them to be detail oriented. Same with commercial cleaning For your home, you want [...]

Going Green: Trend or Necessity?

Not that many years ago, the decision to use non-toxic or biodegradable cleaning materials was a luxury. These products were far more expensive and harder to source. But today, deciding to use environmentally-friendly products is a no-brainer. It is no longer a nice thing to do, it is the responsible choice and it’s important [...]

Productivity Though Job Satisfaction is The Colonial Commercial Cleaning Way

Here at Colonial Commercial Cleaning, we take the quality of our work very seriously. We know that by providing excellent cleaning services we are going to make our customers happy and coming back year after year. One way we keep our customers happy is to keep our cleaning staff happy. A cleaning position with us [...]

Corrective Action Reporting (CAR) Program

One of the top questions we get from new clients is: “What happens if I have a problem or complaint?” It’s understandable why this question comes up over and over. It’s because many cleaning companies don’t take the time to put a clear plan of action in place for the client to provide feedback and [...]

Focus On Your Health And Safety

At Colonial Commercial Cleaning, we firmly believe in the importance of providing a healthy and safe environment for your staff and customers. This is why all of our training and protocols put our customers first. We spend a considerable amount of time on training and refresher courses with our employees so they always know the [...]

A Quick Tour of Our Services

Colonial Commercial cleaning has been in business for more than 10 years and while we’re known for superior cleaning standards with office spaces, we also serve a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Apartment Buildings: Between residents, visitors and staff, apartment buildings have high-traffic areas that require special care. With so many people passing through, [...]

Back to School and Keeping Healthy

Fall is officially here and the #1 concern is the spread of germs. When children go back to school, they gather with friends and teachers that they haven't seen in months. The annual reunion speeds up the spread of germs that cause colds and the flu. And children bring them home to parents who unwittingly [...]

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