As a business manager, you have a lot of responsibilities to keep your office space clean and sanitary for the safety and wellbeing of your staff members and visitors. To help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria that cause colds, flu, and other seasonal illnesses, here are some of the dirtiest spots in your office that shouldn’t get overlooked as part of your overall office cleaning routine:

Dirtiest Spots in Your Office

Doorknobs and Handrails – Doorknobs and Handrails are both notorious places for harboring and spreading germs and bacteria because of the sheer number of people who use them throughout the course of their day.

Telephones – Telephones and telephone handsets are prime for collecting germs and bacteria. Not only do people use their hands to hold and operate the phone, when they are speaking into the handset the mouthpiece is in proximity to the mouth and airborne germs that originate from respiratory functions.

Bathroom Faucets and Hardware – It should come as no surprise that bathroom faucets and hardware are surfaces that are infamous for collecting germs and bacteria. Conducting regular bathroom activities such as flushing the toilet, using the sink, using the paper towel and hand soap dispensers contributes to spreading germs, therefore, they must be cleaned regularly to stay sanitary and disinfected.

Computer Keyboards and Mice – Much like handrails and doorknobs, computer keyboards and mice are in constant contact with people’s hands. Many of today’s office workers spend a portion – if not most – of their day using a computer to complete work related tasks meaning that these key pieces of business equipment are prone to amassing germs and bacteria from everyday use.

Ways To Combat Against the Spread of Germs and Bacteria

Here are some ideas to help make the dirtiest spots in your office cleaner and more sanitary for everyone:

Install Motion Sensing Bathroom Fixtures – There are many advantages to installing bathroom fixtures that are activated my detecting movement. The biggest advantage is that they offer a ‘hands-free’ way for staff members and visitors to flush the toilet after use, as well as a way to wash and dry their hands afterward without coming into direct contact with these fixtures. By offering a “Contactless” Bathroom, you are removing this part of your office from being a vector for spreading germs and bacteria.

Provide Antibacterial Soaps and Wipes – If installing motion sensing fixtures is not an option for your workspace, making Antibacterial Wipes, Soaps, and Gels readily available for employees to use throughout the day is helpful for killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria such as Listeria and others. These soaps and wipes can be used to clean off computer mice, desktops, and other dirtiest spots in your office.

Work With a Professional Janitorial Service Company – Hiring a professional janitorial service company, like Colonial Cleaners, to do regular cleaning of your offices helps assure that all areas of your Washinton DC area business get thoroughly cleaned on a schedule that meets all of your requirements. Call us at 703-436-9986 to discuss your business cleaning needs!