Running a successful commercial cleaning company has a lot to do with customer service. Our clients depend on us for janitorial services throughout Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Our clients operate in varying industries. From religious institutions to medical facilities and government agencies to data centers, we’ve been able to serve them all because of our dedication to customer service.

No matter what type of service a business needs, the owners and managers want to know that they have a point of contact and that if any issues arise that it will be handled quickly. They also want to know that the work that they are paying for is being done and that corners aren’t being cut.

In the old days, accountability for janitorial, office or other cleaning services might have meant a clipboard or piece of paper on the wall with a bunch of initials indicating that someone had been there to clean. Today, thanks to technology, those days are long gone.

Track It,  Supply It, Report It

To ensure our customers are well-informed about the services they’re receiving, and the cleaning hours assigned to their facility, Colonial utilizes a state-of-the-art cleaning management software called Swept.

This uniquely customized software makes it easier for cleaning managers to communicate cleaning instructions to their staff, gives the client a quick avenue for reporting any cleaning concerns, provides each client with a dashboard for their individual business that tracks specific supply requests, reviews inspection results and so much more.

What we love most about the Swept platform is that it allows for complete transparency. At any moment, the system is able to accurately record when employees clock in and out, make changes to cleaning schedules, produce instant reporting for clients and internal cleaning staff and even translate communications into various languages.

A Quick Look

Each time one of our staff goes onsite to conduct an inspection, they use a mobile app to conduct the custom inspection plan we’ve designed for your space.

As the inspection points are reviewed, our management and oversight staff provide each inspection point with one of the following ratings.

  • Exceeds Standard – This rating will be used when the cleaner has gone above and beyond to ensure an area in your space is in pristine order.
  • Meets Standard – This rating will be used when the area has been cleaned to our high-level standard as expected.
  • Below Standard – This rating will be used when an area has not met the standards communicated to our cleaner.  In the rare occasion this happens, we will be providing the cleaner specific direction on what is needed to rectify the situation during their next cleaning.
  • Not Inspected – This rating will be used when an area cannot be inspected for some reason.  If used we will provide comments to explain.

As a Colonial client, you’ll have access to a messaging portal.  This will allow you to chat with us about your experience with our service, including attaching photos of your space and marking messages as urgent for our immediate attention.  This tool allows our team to stay better connected when cleaning your space.

What could be more reassuring than having direct, real-time communication with us?

If you have any questions about how we provide superior cleaning services, the Swept platform or if you are interested in a deep clean service or janitorial services, please call us at (703) 257-7730 or contact us here.