Colonial Commercial Cleaning is dedicated to providing superior cleaning and disinfecting services, while limiting the impact on the environment.

We use as many eco-friendly products as possible, which sometimes means we use green certified cleaning products or products with minimal packaging.

At the same time, we are committed to keeping your facility disinfected and safe for your employees and customers especially during virus outbreaks like the coronavirus.

No matter what we do, we are always committed to using products that are effective at fighting dirt, allergens and germs to provide the cleanest and healthiest facility possible. That’s why we primarily use products from two sources: Solutex Inc. and Simoniz USA.

Solutex, Inc. is a fellow Virginia-based company that supplies industrial and commercial cleaning solutions designed to be safer for people and the environment. From disinfectants to glass cleaners to degreasers, many of their products carry the Safer Choice label, which indicates the ingredients have been through a rigorous review by an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scientist to ensure they meet stringent criteria.

Simoniz USA is the other source we use that provides us with CDC approved disinfectants that fight COVID-19 and other aggressive viruses. For the past 100 years, Simoniz has specialized in manufacturing over 3,000 top-notch cleaning and disinfectant products for tough industries such as food services, schools and healthcare.

Balance Is Our Ongoing Commitment

We are continuously researching other cleaning and disinfecting products, and always put any new products to the test before using them in our clients’ facilities.

Our ongoing goal is to find the right balance between being “green” and keeping your facility disinfected from aggressive viruses like the coronavirus.

At Colonial Commercial Cleaning, we have been able to balance our corporate policy of being committed to the environment and to providing safe and clean janitorial and commercial cleaning for our clients and employees. In short, we are proud of the balance of green products and CDC approved disinfectants that we are using in our facilities to maintain the highest standards in providing quality cleaning services.

And that’s what Colonial is all about – delivering a quality clean with eco-friendly products at affordable prices. If protecting the environment is important to your cleaning and safety strategy, give Colonial Commercial Cleaning a call today!