Fall is officially here and the #1 concern is the spread of germs.

When children go back to school, they gather with friends and teachers that they haven’t seen in months. The annual reunion speeds up the spread of germs that cause colds and the flu.

And children bring them home to parents who unwittingly transport those germs to work and leisure locations.

It’s not something anyone likes to think about, but it is a reality of our society.

This is why it is of critical importance that everyone does their part to keep every surface properly sanitized.

Doorknobs and Handrails: Doorknobs and Handrails are both notorious places for harboring and spreading germs and bacteria because of the sheer number of people who use them throughout the course of their day.

Telephones: Telephones and telephone handsets are prime for collecting germs and bacteria. Not only do people use their hands to hold and operate the phone, when they are speaking into the handset the mouthpiece is in proximity to the mouth and airborne germs that originate from respiratory functions.

Bathroom Faucets and Hardware: It should come as no surprise that bathroom faucets and hardware are surfaces that are infamous for collecting germs and bacteria. Conducting regular bathroom activities such as flushing the toilet, using the sink, using the paper towel and hand soap dispensers contributes to spreading germs, therefore, they must be cleaned regularly to stay sanitary and disinfected.

Computer Keyboards and Mice: Much like handrails and doorknobs, computer keyboards and mice are in constant contact with people’s hands. Many of today’s office workers spend a portion — if not most — of their day using a computer to complete work related tasks meaning that these key pieces of business equipment are prone to amassing germs and bacteria from everyday use.

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