With the arrival of fall, the top concern for many is the spread of germs. As children head back to school, they reunite with friends and teachers they haven’t seen in months. This annual gathering accelerates the spread of germs responsible for colds and the flu. Moreover, children often bring these germs home, leading parents to unintentionally carry them to their workplaces and leisure venues.

While it’s an unpleasant topic, it reflects the reality of our society. Therefore, it’s crucial for everyone to ensure surfaces are diligently sanitized. Some common areas to be cautious of include:

Doorknobs and Handrails

These are prime locations for germs and bacteria due to the vast number of people touching them daily.


Beyond the fact that hands constantly touch them, the close proximity of telephone handsets to the mouth while speaking exposes them to airborne germs from respiratory functions.

Bathroom Faucets and Hardware

As expected, bathroom surfaces, especially faucets and hardware, are hotspots for germs. Regular activities like flushing toilets, using sinks, and accessing paper towel or soap dispensers spread germs, highlighting the importance of routine toilet cleaning.

Computer Keyboards and Mice

Much like handrails and doorknobs, computer keyboards and mice frequently come into contact with users’ hands. Given that many office workers spend a significant portion of their day on computers, these devices can accumulate germs from daily use.

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