With offices and other workplace environments closed or operating at less than full capacity due to the pandemic, different areas of facilities may have unintentionally created the ideal breeding ground for pests and rodents.

If you aren’t familiar, small places that offer shelter, food and water are ideal environment for unwanted pests. If they can crawl, fly or squeeze into a small space, they will.

With reduced foot traffic, noise or regular cleanings, it is possible that this type of environment may exist in your current facility.

At Colonial Commercial Cleaning, we take pride in cleaning every space from corner to corner so that there aren’t any areas for pests to set up shop. Here are some of the ways we provide superior cleaning so that you don’t have any unwanted pests in your facility.


For over a decade, Colonial Commercial Cleaning has taken pride in providing quality cleaning services, and stellar customer service. That’s why we have been rated one of the best by our clients and we are highly rated by the Better Business Bureau. We put our client’s needs first. We are locally owned and believe in maintaining that personal touch with our clients. As a result, we are able to be more responsive and personalize services for our specific clients’ needs.


All Colonial employees are required to complete specific classroom and field training regimens before entering a cleaning environment. Our employees are trained on office clean space protocol, safety, security, cleaning techniques and client specific procedures. All employees are carefully screened and are fully bonded and insured. Regular site visits are scheduled to ensure Colonial staff are maintaining the highest standards in the services provided.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Our services are “green certified” which means we utilize state of the art equipment and environmentally friendly chemicals and products that ensure clean and sanitary work spaces. Our highly specialized tools and equipment such as our backpack vacs with HEPA Filtration, captures up to 99% of bacteria, pollen, allergens, pet dander, and other pollutants that can slip into your space and make life difficult for employees with allergies and asthma.

 Quality Assurance

Colonial has a solid reputation and excellent client references speak to our ability to deliver outstanding service. To ensure our customers are well-informed about the services they’re receiving and the cleaning hours assigned to their facility, Colonial utilizes a state-of-the-art cleaning management software called Swept. This uniquely customized software makes it easier for cleaning managers to communicate cleaning instructions to their staff, gives the client a quick avenue for reporting any cleaning concerns, provides each client with a dashboard for results their individual business.

The Right Solution for Your Facility

We take pride in the variety of businesses we serve, as well as the level of specialized attention we offer to different industries. In addition to schools, healthcare and religious institutions, we also serve specialized businesses such as art galleries, government buildings, restaurants, fitness centers, car dealerships and so many others.

If your business isn’t getting the cleaning attention it deserves, or if you would like to schedule a deep clean, Colonial Commercial Cleaning is here for you with a custom quote and no long-term commitment.

If you have any questions about the products we use, our cleaning protocol or if you are ready to schedule an appointment for an estimate, please call us at (703) 257-7730 or complete the form on this page.