carpet-cleaner-worker-front-051214Every workplace needs to be properly cleaned to maintain an atmosphere that enhances productivity. While it may seem cheaper to rent cleaning equipment and do the cleaning with in-house staff, there are several benefits that calling a professional cleaning service can provide. Apart from saving your valuable time, professional cleaners will provide deep cleaning with industrial grade equipment and specially trained personnel. Here are four major benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service.

Better Air Quality

A professionally cleaned office will be free of invisible air pollutants. This will improve the quality of air you breathe while in your workplace. For instance, all the grime embedded within your carpet fibers, which cannot be easily removed by regular vacuuming, will be removed using stronger professional cleaning equipment. Thus, dangerous air-borne germs will be eliminated.

Certified Cleaning Solutions

Reliable professional cleaners use certified, environmentally-friendly cleaning equipment and products to clean your office or home. The truck-mounted machines and steam cleaners used by professionals can easily remove stubborn stains and deeply embedded dirt. In addition, the cleaning solutions are natural, organic, and eco-friendly. They do not contain any substances that can cause allergies in humans.

Insurance Coverage

Another major benefit you can enjoy is insurance coverage. This is particularly important when you need to clean an industrial facility with valuable fixtures and equipment. A professional cleaning outfit will provide adequate coverage for employee bonding as well as liability and property damage. All employees will be properly screened, trained and well identified. You will also have an emergency hotline that is open 24 hours for your convenience.

Cost Savings

Professional cleaning offers you a flexible and affordable option that cannot be easily obtained by employing in-house cleaners. Depending on your specific needs, a customized cleaning service program can be designed to meet the requirements within your budget. For example, when hiring a company such as Colonial Cleaning in Manassas, Virginia, you could request a brief daily cleaning service or choose to have your facility cleaned once a week or twice a month. You may also request cleaning at any time you think you need it. With this type of flexibility, you can easily keep your cleaning costs low and eliminate the wage bill required for full time janitors.