As far as work environment go, offices are not usually considered the dirtiest of choices. Sure, the garbage can overflow or the break room can get a little grimy, but most people would be surprised by where the real filth is located. Here is a list of the top five grossest places in your office:

1. Water Cooler: It may be a source of fresh clean water, but not when every employee’s possibly unwashed hands have been on it.

2. Bathroom Door Handle: Not much of a surprise here. Even if every single person were to wash his or her hands, the high traffic of this area leaves it open to many germs.

3. Refrigerator Handle: Much like the water cooler, the more people who touch it, the dirtier it gets. Everyone’s got to eat, right?

4. Vending Machines: Ever think about how many people touch those little buttons? Might want to think twice about that afternoon snack.

5. Computer Keyboard: Quite possibly the dirtiest place in your office is right under your fingertips. People rarely think to clean the keyboard, which is unfortunate because it then serves as a breeding ground for all the germs collected at the other dirty places previously mentioned.

Does this mean your office is actually a giant cesspool of germs? Not exactly. A little common sense and some hand sanitizer can help out anyone who cannot avoid these five dirtiest places in the office.