While offices aren’t typically viewed as particularly dirty environments, some areas might be more contaminated than you’d think. Here are the top five spots where germs often lurk:

Water Cooler

While it dispenses fresh water, its handle might not be as clean, especially with everyone touching it throughout the day.

Bathroom Door Handle

This one might not be shocking. Even with regular handwashing, the sheer volume of traffic makes this spot a hotspot for germs. Regular cleaning by a janitorial service provider can help mitigate this.

Refrigerator Handle

Similar to the water cooler, the communal nature of the office fridge means more hands and potentially more germs.

Vending Machines

The buttons on these machines are touched by numerous individuals daily. It might give you pause next time you’re craving a snack.

Computer Keyboard

Perhaps the dirtiest of all, the keyboard is a breeding ground for germs, collecting particles from all the other locations mentioned.

Does this suggest your office is awash with germs? Not necessarily. A combination of personal hygiene, regular hand sanitizing, and professional office cleaning services can minimize risks associated with these common touchpoints.