After 13 months of sheltering in place, businesses face the challenge of navigating the transition to bring people back into their commercial buildings safely. Here are five tips from Colonial Commercial Cleaning to help you safely welcome employees, customers, and vendors back into your facility:

Tip #1: Effective Communication on Compliance

Before bringing employees back, stay informed about the guidelines set by the Centers of Disease Control (CDC). Your company policies should be based on the latest information from the CDC to ensure safety. Clearly communicate policies addressing:

  • Protocols if someone contracts COVID within your facility.
  • Options for remote work.
  • Cleaning standards your facility adheres to.
  • Screening procedures for employees and visitors.
  • Requirements for wearing masks in the facility.

Tip #2: Revise Your Visitor Policy

In the era of COVID, it’s crucial that your visitor policy facilitates contact tracing. Collaborate with local health departments as recommended by the CDC. Maintain a visitor log with visit dates and times, and consider having one person at the front desk manage this log to minimize touchpoints.

Tip #3: Implement Office Modifications

Your previous office setup might now be obsolete. Ensure that workspaces are at least six feet apart, and consider installing dividers. Some businesses with limited space are adopting rotating schedules for in-office and remote work.

Tip #4: Promote Personal Hygiene

Equip public areas and conference rooms with hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and face masks. Encourage regular hand washing, especially upon office entry, before and after meals, and after touching high-traffic surfaces. Remember, proper handwashing is highly effective against the coronavirus.

Tip #5: Engage a Professional Cleaning Company

Consider hiring a professional cleaning service if you haven’t already. Choose a company that adheres to CDC-recommended protocols and uses approved disinfectants potent against viruses like the coronavirus.

Colonial Commercial Cleaning has been a trusted provider of janitorial services in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland since 2010. Our experience means we understand the importance of maintaining a clean, sanitary environment, especially during these times. Trust us to prioritize your facility’s cleanliness and safety. Interested? Contact us at (703) 257-7730 or complete the form on this page.