Choosing a commercial cleaning service can be a big decision. And even if you’ve selected one, you may find that they aren’t meeting your needs the way you want. If you’re in this situation, consider these five points to ensure you get the professional, prompt and price-friendly service you deserve.

1. Don’t Blindly Shop Around: Pricing is certainly one of the biggest considerations when looking for a new cleaning service. Make sure you ask for a detailed summary of the services the company will provide for your specific facility and the clear cost of those services. Not only does this allow you to compare quotes from other cleaning companies, it helps hold the one you ultimately choose accountable to what was promised.

2. Certifications and Trainings Matter: Sadly, there are commercial cleaners out there that don’t hesitate to take short cuts when it comes to staffing, safety and even health. The best companies are those that take training, eco-certification and other regulatory and compliance issues seriously. It’s something Colonial Commercial Cleaning takes great pride in. All of our staff is continuously educated on safety protocols and proper use of equipment, and are then closely monitored through field management. We are also green certified and use only environmentally-friendly cleaning products to ensure the health of our clients, employees and the environment.

3. The More the Merrier: You may be starting your search with a list of cleaning services you’re in need of, but don’t let that limit the companies you look at. A cleaner that provides a wide variety of services can save you time, money and hassle should your needs change. For example, carpet cleaning may not be important to your wood-floored office right now, but knowing it’s among your provider’s offerings gives you valuable flexibility down the road. A broad menu of janitorial, HVAC and even handyman services are all worthwhile services to consider.

4. Ensure Quality Assurance: Communication is critical in business and it’s no different with your commercial cleaner. Look for a company that values a strong client relationship that goes beyond the actual cleaning. To ensure our customers are well-informed about the services they’re receiving and the cleaning hours assigned to their facility, Colonial Cleaning utilizes a state-of-the-art cleaning management software called Swept. This unique program makes it easier for managers to communicate instructions to their staff as well as review inspection results. It even gives our clients a quick avenue for reporting any concerns.

Ready to Upgrade Your Cleaning Experience?

Finding an effective and reliable commercial cleaning service may seem like a daunting task. But by following these four tips, you can easily narrow down the right company for your business.

If you’re looking to upgrade your commercial cleaning experience, Colonial Commercial Cleaning can help. We create a custom cleaning plan to fit any size office in any type of industry, from schools to medical clinics. Plus, our managers regularly visit all of our clients to ensure that employees are following that plan. To learn more, give us a call at (703) 257-7730 or visit us online to get a FREE estimate today!