If you want to increase productivity in the workplace, it is a good idea to start by ensuring a clean and organized space for your employees to work. Most employees spend a lot of time, if not more, in the office as they do at home. Therefore, it is important to maximize office space and keep things running smoothly. This is also true if you work from home, as it will keep your work area clean and encourage productivity. Below are four easy ways to maximize office space.

Organize Documents

Despite the fact that computers handle almost all aspects of our business lives, you will be hard-pressed to find an office that is 100% paperless. There are several examples where hard-copy documents are still required. Files, as well as the cabinets used to store them, take up large amounts of office space. The common practice today is to store files off-site in a storage space and to clear up more room in the office.

Adjust the Lighting

It is always best to allow as much natural light in the office as possible. Sunlight increases a person’s mood drastically and makes sitting in an office all the time less dull. Of course, natural lighting is not always possible, or there simply is not enough of it to illuminate the whole office space. In this case, overhead downlighting or recessed lighting is a brilliant alternative. Avoid floor lamps as they could take up too much space, and try to find light bulbs that mimic natural lighting.

Think Vertical

The best way to maximize office space is to start building up. When your workspace is clean and organized, it frees up a lot of space and prevents the area from becoming cluttered. Utilize bulletin boards, wall hooks, shelves, and other useful tools to help you keep things off of the floor and away from the walls.
Remove Clutter

Clutter can be more than just paper and books — it can also decrease productivity significantly by making things more difficult to find, causing staff members to spend unnecessary time to achieve simple tasks. In addition to the regular office mess, too many decorations – such as Christmas cards, photos, magnets, and other memorabilia – can lead to a completely disorganized mess. While it’s nice to have family photos to look at while you are away, try to keep these things to a minimum in the workplace and save the décor for your home. The main concern is better to be a clean and productive workplace.

Keeping up with these four simple steps will help you maximize office space and increase productivity in the workplace. It’s a wise decision to hire a professional since most employees have enough work to do without taking extra time for deep cleaning and organizing. Colonial Commercial Cleaning in Manassas, VA, provides quality office cleaning services. Let the professionals do their work so you can get back to doing yours in a clean environment.