All commercial cleaning companies start out by putting their best foot forward. But over time you can end up paying for top-notch service that isn’t being delivered.

Here are the warning signs that signal you need to move on to a new commercial cleaning company.

The Frequency and Quality of Communication Changes: In the beginning, you had no problem getting a prompt callback. Your emails were returned quickly and with a courteous and helpful tone. If you had a concern about your service or a question, you were always reassured and the problem was solved.

If you find yourself waiting for days to get answers or you can’t even remember the last time you had a helpful conversation with your cleaning company, this is big warning sign. Either the company is spread too thin or they don’t value your business or time. This is a clear signal that better days are not on the horizon and you should find a new company to do business with.

At Colonial Commercial Cleaning, we’ve been in business for more than a decade and a number of our clients have been with us for that entire time. One of the reasons why we’ve been successful is because we value you, your time and your company.

Every Few Weeks There Are New Faces: Employee turnover will happen. However, if you notice that there seems to be a revolving door of employees coming in to clean your facility, you should consider this a warning sign. If that cleaning company can’t keep their best employees, then it probably isn’t a great place to work or to do business with.

That’s why we’ve implemented a training program that not only gives our employees the skills they need, but the confidence, comradery and appreciation they need to work for us for years and years. Each employee is required to complete specific classroom and field training regimens before entering a cleaning environment. Our employees are trained on office clean space protocol, safety, security, cleaning techniques and client specific procedures. And, most importantly, all of our employees are carefully screened and are fully bonded and insured.

There Are No Quality Assurance Protocols: This one is a warning sign that most business owners and facility managers miss. For new and seasoned professional cleaners, it is important to know that there is a manager or supervisor that will check that everything the client has asked for is actually completed to a high standard. You don’t have time to constantly check every corner or every waste bin to make sure the job was done.

To ensure our customers are well-informed about the services they’re receiving and the cleaning hours assigned to their facility, Colonial utilizes a state of the art cleaning management software called Swept. This uniquely customized software makes it easier for cleaning managers to communicate cleaning instructions to their staff, gives the client a quick avenue for reporting any cleaning concerns, provides each client with a dashboard for their individual business that tracks specific supply requests, reviews inspection results and so much more.

If any of these warning signs sound familiar and you’re ready to work with a professional commercial cleaning company like Colonial Commercial Cleaning call us at 703-257-7730 to discuss your business cleaning needs!