Every commercial cleaning company starts with their best efforts. However, over time, there can be a noticeable decline in the quality of service despite the premium prices you may still be paying. Here are the red flags indicating it might be time to consider a new commercial cleaning service.

1. Changes in the Frequency and Quality of Communication

At the outset, prompt callbacks and swift email replies were the norm. Whenever concerns or questions arose, the cleaning company would address and resolve them efficiently. If you now find yourself waiting days for responses or struggling to recall the last productive conversation with your cleaning service, consider it a red flag. Such issues might suggest that the company is either overstretched or undervaluing your business. This is a potent sign that a change might be in order.

At Colonial Commercial Cleaning, our decade-long presence in the industry and the continued patronage of many loyal clients underscore our commitment. One cornerstone of our success is valuing our clients, their time, and their businesses.

2. Constant Employee Turnover

While occasional employee turnover is natural, constantly seeing new faces might indicate underlying problems. If a cleaning company is unable to retain its top employees, it might not be an optimal workplace or a trustworthy business partner.

At Colonial, we prioritize employee training and well-being. Our comprehensive training program ensures our team members are equipped with the necessary skills and feel a sense of belonging and appreciation, resulting in longer tenures. Before being deployed, every employee undergoes classroom and field training sessions, familiarizing them with protocols, safety, security, cleaning techniques, and client-specific procedures. Furthermore, for added security and peace of mind, all our employees undergo stringent screening processes and are fully bonded and insured.

3. Absence of Quality Assurance Protocols

Many business owners and facility managers often overlook this sign. It’s vital for both novice and experienced professional cleaners to be aware of a supervisory presence, ensuring all tasks are executed to the highest standards. As a business owner, you shouldn’t have to micromanage and inspect every nook and cranny.

To keep our clients informed and satisfied, Colonial uses the advanced cleaning management software, Swept. This innovative tool facilitates communication between cleaning managers and their teams, provides clients with an easy channel to report concerns, and offers a dashboard for tracking supply requests, inspecting results, and much more.

If any of the above warning signs resonate with you and you’re seeking a committed professional commercial cleaning company like Colonial Commercial Cleaning, please reach out to us at 703-257-7730 to discuss your cleaning requirements.