4997-101413-gs4997Different surfaces receive different levels of use and abuse, which means that some may be more difficult or costly to maintain than others. If neglected, floor surfaces can harm the appearance of a room, building, or facility, yet the cost of new replacement flooring is far greater than that of proper and routine maintenance. The following are some general tips for ensuring proper care of your flooring:

Tip #1: Provide Walk-Off Mats

In a typical building, approximately 80 to 90 percent of the dirt that finds its way to the floors of your home, office, or facility can be eliminated by placing walk-off mats at strategic points of the building. Walk-off mats placed at the entrances can effectively keep dirt, sand, snow, and ice out of your building, which ultimately reduces how frequently the flooring should be cleaned. These mats also reduce damage to the floor surface, prolong the service life of your building’s flooring, and minimize the likelihood of injuries caused by slipping on wet surfaces.

Tip #2: Allocate Enough Funds to Floor Maintenance

When facility and building mangers are forced to find ways to cut down on operating costs, most of them usually choose to reduce the maintenance expenditure. With flooring systems, this means reducing the frequency of cleaning operations. The ideal cleaning schedule for any building depends on several factors, including the type of flooring installed and its level of exposure to foot traffic. Some high traffic areas may require cleaning twice a day, and cutting back on vacuuming schedules will probably increase the risk of dirt grinding into the carpet and destroying the fibers, resulting in deteriorated appearance and reduced service life. Resilient flooring may also be damaged by reduced cleaning schedules.

Tip #3: Purchase theProper Floor-Cleaning Equipment

In some cases, floor cleaning costs may exceed those of installing the floor, but compromising on getting the right cleaning equipment may hinder proper cleaning, resulting in damage to the floor and greater maintenance costs. Getting the equipment that is intended to clean a certain type of floor will ensure more efficient cleaning, improve the appearance and service life of your floor, and reduce costs in the long run.

For large facilities, it may be more affordable to hire a floor cleaning company to extend your investment’s life and to save in the long run. Colonial Commercial Cleaning in Manassas, Virginia does more than just floors. They can help with all your janitorial needs.