Not getting the expected results can become frustrating, especially when the service company you hire costs you extra bucks. But unfortunately, it’s a common practice among commercial cleaning in Washington DC. You may be going through the same experience because, sadly, the company you hired lacks the potential.
Big firms and corporate buildings must do a background check on the cleaning company and evaluate their track record. Keep your focus on the reviews because they don’t lie. Hiring a company with a clean record can turn sour due to awful customer relations management. You’ll find yourself in a maze with bad businesses that are nothing less than a con.
Moreover, if you’re looking to hire professional janitorial services Washington DC or need to get rid of them but can’t find the right reason, then you’re in the right place.
We’ll discuss the main factors of why commercial cleaning companies fail to provide you with proper services.

Companies assume every office requires the same output

One of the most common misconceptions among cleaning companies is they don’t initiate a proper working plan. They automatically assume every office demands the same work pattern. However, that’s not the case. Every business has its vision for generating a cleaner and orderly workspace. Yet most cleaning companies fail to understand the requirements and end up doing their regular practices, disappointing the employer.

They come in, do their work, and leave without asking your preferences and expect applause at every given moment. These types of commercial cleaning services in Washington DC follow a general cleaning template and have no regard for changing their way for each specific business.

Cleaners don’t know their jobs

It’s natural, it happens, and many companies before you have witnessed this disaster with their own eyes. But unfortunately, you’ll come across countless commercial cleaners that don’t know how to dust a screen, sweep the floor, or operate a vacuum cleaner, which makes us question how they even got the job. More importantly, these types of cleaners are clumsy, incompetent, and can risk your business’s reputation. Therefore, before hiring a service, take a demo cleaning test to evaluate their performance beforehand.

They manipulate the prices

The cleaning industry is a cutthroat market, where sellers continuously look to bag the wealthiest option. In such cases, you may turn to look the other way and opt for a cheaper cleaning company. However, be mindful that cheaper companies can lack quality service and cut corners when doing their job. On the other hand, if you hire costly commercial cleaning services in DC and they end up adding extra charges to your invoices, it’s time to bid them farewell. You can never expect anything from this industry, so it’s crucial to be 100 % sure. Moreover, there’s one company you can certainly trust for its service and pricing: Colonial Commercial Cleaning.

They lack proper equipment for tasks. 


There’s no harm in giving newbies a try, so they can muster up their portfolios. However, the problem arises when these cleaners lack the equipment for the job. Or, better yet, they don’t have the knowledge to operate them.

Remember, your janitorial services Washington DCrepresent your company’s personality. If they do a poor job, it will be a direct reflection on your company when guests visit your building. No client wants to work for a firm that cannot maintain its workspace. 


They are unable to admit their mistakes. 


Some of the worst cleaning businesses in the industry are the ones that will never admit their mistakes. You can catch them red-handed, and they’ll still turn a blind eye. That’s where their lack of customer relationship management comes into play. Hiring a cleaning service that is strict on principles is a daunting task. However, it’s not impossible. 


The Best Commercial Cleaning in Washington DC 


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