Commercial working spaces have certain requirements that are impossible to meet with regular residential cleaning services. Often, these include dealing with dangerous materials that pose a biohazard (in which case, professional cleaners use hazmat suits).

Not every commercial environment needs such extreme measures, of course. Chances are that your office space needs a simple wipe-down by a professional business cleaner in Washington, D.C.

Even so, it’s best to know everything that goes into commercial cleaning so you’re aware of your workplace’s cleaning needs. We’ve put together this thorough guide to commercial office cleaning in Washington, D.C. that covers all the essential touchpoints.

What Commercial Cleaning Services Include

Most commercial cleaning services should cover all of these services:

  1. Sweeping and vacuuming your workspace: This one is as simple as it gets. Any commercial company worth their salt should provide you with high-quality vacuuming and rid your office of dust.
  2. Polishing all surfaces: All your furniture and appliances need to be sanitized regularly. The recent global pandemic serves as a stark reminder of how crucial it is to keep our surfaces clean.
  3. Kitchen cleaning: Cleaning your office kitchen is exactly the same as any residential building. If you’ve got appliances in the kitchen, it’s understood that the area behind and under them will also be cleaned (not to mention the appliances themselves).
  4. Industrial waste disposal: It’s never recommended that you attempt to handle industrial waste yourself. There are a lot of safety regulations that go into this process, and it’s always good to have a reliable contractor that can provide you with office cleaning in West End D.C.
  5. Bathroom cleaning: Similar to kitchens, bathroom cleaning also resembles residential cleaning.
  6. HVAC cleaning: HVAC systems are a primary offender when it comes to health and safety hazards. If they’re not cleaned out quarterly, they start housing harmful bacteria and mold, which are highly detrimental to you and your employees’ health. HVAC systems also need to have their filters changed on a quarterly basis.
  7. Long-term maintenance: It’s a good idea to have a long-term engagement with your commercial cleaning contractor. High-quality service providers always come with their own cleaning equipment and materials. This means that you don’t need to host them yourself, saving you a lot of space (where you would keep said equipment). A long-term contract would ensure that your workplace remains clean throughout the year.

How to Ensure the Perfect Commercial Cleaning Experience

Keeping tabs on some (recurring) factors lets you know if the business cleaner in Washington, D.C. that you’re currently working with is the right match for you.

  1. Your contractor follows a schedule: If you don’t know when your contractor will clean your office, that’s a huge red flag. Subsequently, if your contractor has a schedule but never bothers to follow it, you may want to move on to a more professional cleaner.
  2. The cleaning professionals stay on the team: Some cleaning businesses have a terrible churn rate and find it impossible to keep employees for more than a few weeks. This means that they’re always having to train new ones. You deserve to work with a professional company that assigns consistent and experienced cleaners to your office.
  3. You never notice any discrepancies: Your cleaning contractor is doing a great job if you think there’s nothing left for them to do. In truth, there’s plenty that’s going on—only, you never notice it because of their professionalism. If they clean on time, and with proper work ethic, your office will always look perfect.
  4. Your contractor communicates properly: This is extremely important. If your cleaning contractor doesn’t respond in a timely manner and isn’t clear about expectations, you’re in for a rough ride. Ideally, your business cleaner’s relationship manager or client success manager should always be a phone call away and be able to politely answer any questions you have.

Cleaners who don’t do their job properly end up causing damage in the long run since your equipment and furniture will need replacement if they aren’t dusted and polished often enough.

Consider investing in a contractor who provides impeccable office cleaning in Washington, D.C. A spotless office means happy customers and employees, both of which are essential to your bottom line.