Your office space is the key to showcasing your professional authority and standard. It’s a place that displays discipline, morals, skills, and hard work. Regardless of what industry you’re in, a workspace requires maintenance. Many companies in the state prefer commercial cleaning in Northern Virginia.

However, medical offices are entirely different from corporate buildings. A hospital, clinic, or pharmacy requires more cleaning than other industries. The most common reason is to prevent the spread of diseases.

Medical offices tend to have contaminates from chemical tests, bodily liquids, and medical equipment. Therefore, it’s crucial for your workers to continuously sustain cleanliness to avoid being exposed to harmful diseases. Moreover, hospitals are places of healing and health. So, the expectations to keep the environment clean exceeds standard corporate offices.

Furthermore, medical offices must hire commercial cleaners in Virginia to ensure the facility is safe, clean, and accessible for everyone. The normal cleaning process is not sufficient for hospitals or clinics.

Cleaning vs. Disinfecting

We understand how easily people mix up the two terms. However, to be aware of the difference in cleaning procedures between medical and regular offices, it is essential to know what these terms mean.

A thorough cleaning generally means getting rid of dirt, debris, and impurities on the surface. Anyone can take a rag and spray bottle and start cleaning the top of their desks, tables, and chairs. However, the chance of dirt returning after a day is inevitable in such cleaning processes.

On the contrary, disinfection means getting rid of bacteria and other microbes, preventing them from reproducing and infecting. Although germs can also be eliminated with cleaning, most compounds are resistant to surfactants, which is a cleaning agents.

A commercial cleaning company in Virginia will disinfect your office space after cleaning it, so the active pathogens in the disinfecting formula can kill potential germs and guarantee cleanliness in the work environment.

The Presence of Hazardous Materials and Waste 

There’s no denying that a hospital is one of the most hazardous places. They have a significant amount of waste materials from every surgery and procedure they perform. Among this waste lies IV drips, syringes, medical gloves, urine bags, liquid samples, and much more.

Hence, the organization must prevent workers and patients from coming in direct contact with this hazardous material, as the number of bacteria is infinite. In short, medical cleaning is more than disinfection and recycling.

Commercial Cleaning Equipment 

As mentioned above, medical cleaning is a complex procedure requiring specialized equipment like industry-level steam cleaners. The floor scrubbers should also be heavy-duty and carry more weight than regular cleaners. For cleaning a medical office, a cleaning company in Virginia needs to have access to a wide variety of cleaning equipment to minimize the risk of contamination.

Industry Standards for Cleaning

A health care facility is a haven for everyone. People come into a hospital to heal and feel better, not to acquire a new raging disease. Therefore, terminal cleaning is crucial for such organizations.

In simpler words, terminal cleaning is no child’s play; hence, it should get handled by professionals with ample training. A commercial cleaning company in Northern Virginia excels in such regards and efficiently meets the higher-ups’ industry standards of cleaning.

What Touch Points Should You Disinfect?

The cleaning priority is to ensure that the whole office space is sparkling clean without a single sign of dirt. Commercial cleaners should be mindful of a few particular touch points in a healthcare facility. These are:

  • IV pump control and IV pole
  • Call button for nurse or doctor
  • Push plates and door knobs
  • Clipboards
  • Hospital beds, footboards, and headboards
  • Siderails or handrails of hospital beds
  • Tabletops and drawers
  • Telephone cradle and room telephone unit

There are several ways a person can catch an illness, and one of the most common reasons is by touching the doorknob or the hospital bedside railings with a bare hand. The touchpoints may seem insignificant and pretty simple, but, sometimes, these minor points play a significant role in contributing to harmful toxins.

A commercial cleaning company in northern Virginia utilizes terminal cleaning practices and ensures that every nook and cranny shines bright. Professional cleaning services are crucial for a facility’s maintenance and overall wellness.