If you had to pick between a dirty, bruised apple with ugly, brown spots … and a shiny, clean one that looks super delicious, which one would you pick?

That’s how your clients see the world, like it or not. If your competitors have floors that shine and couches that look brand new while your workplace looks like it hasn’t been dusted since the ‘90s, you can bet your bottom dollar that your clients will choose your competitors 100% of the time.

That’s not where all this ends though.

You may think that sweeping, mopping, and dusting are all that your workspace needs, but that’s far from the truth.

Deep cleaning your office is important, especially now since offices are reopening after COVID-19 is finally under control. If you haven’t opened your office yet, now is the perfect time to give it a deep clean.

Hiring commercial cleaning services in Virginia is the way to go since they know exactly how to handle even the dirtiest workplaces. But you might be wondering: “What is deep cleaning, do I even need it, and won’t my office just get messy again anyway?”

You’d be correct about your office getting dusty again, but deep cleanings go way deeper (no pun intended) than surface-level polishing.

In this article, we’ll talk about how deep cleaning is totally worth it for your company and why you absolutely need it.

Why Deep Cleaning Services Are a Game Changer

A dirty workplace can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. In fact, studies show that germs tend to spread faster in office spaces.

With a bit of deep cleaning magic, your office can become the best version of itself. Here are some ways in which deep cleaning services can be a godsend for your workplace:

Keeps Viruses at Bay

Dirty surfaces are a sure way to have viruses and bacteria spread around the office like wildfire.

Think about all the hands that touch office equipment, such as printers, and surfaces like the lunch table. Even if one person has the common cold, pretty much everyone is going to get it unless you have a good cleaning regiment in place.

Commercial cleaning services give your office a deep clean to ensure that every bit of the space is absolutely safe. This isn’t just to keep your employees healthy … it also helps avoid other issues like insect infestations.

Keeps Your Employees Motivated

Dusty furniture and “funky” smells can make your employees dread coming to work. What’s even worse is that dust particles may trigger allergies. Dealing with constant sneezing and itchy eyes while working is a total nightmare, and your workers shouldn’t have to experience that.

Getting deep cleaning services makes your entire office look like its brand new. This is a guaranteed way to keep your employees motivated because they’ll know that their company cares for them and also has the budget to keep the place looking sharp.

It can also result in fewer sick leaves.

Studies even show a clear link between a clean workspace and an increase in employee productivity.

No Dust Left Behind

Working with the wrong contractor can leave you with an office that is still dusty in all the places that matter. This is because surface cleaning tasks like sweeping are not enough to fully clean an office.

In order to get a proper deep clean, furniture needs to be moved so that every surface in the office can get dusted.

In-house cleaners often skip this step and get away with putting in the bare minimum amount of effort. In sharp contrast, a good commercial cleaning service will get into every corner of your workspace.

This includes vacuuming behind the furniture and even cleaning areas like under the refrigerator (which is usually overlooked).

Attracts New Employees and Clients

Imagine applying for a new company. You walk in for your interview and you see dirty carpets and clutter everywhere. Is that the sort of first impression you want to give potential employees?

First impressions are everything, which is why bare-minimum cleaning doesn’t cut it. Janitorial services in Washington, D.C. use high-quality equipment and techniques to ensure that your office is squeaky clean.

This can improve the ambience of your office and gives new employees a sense of comfort as well.

Can Save You Money

Ever heard of giving old furniture new life? That’s exactly what deep cleaning services can help you do. Instead of spending extra money on new furniture, a good old fashioned deep clean can do the trick.

Commercial cleaners offer services like carpet and couch cleaning. These services can make old dusty furniture look brand new again. This is why hiring janitorial services is a worthwhile investment.

Impress New Clients With the Help of Commercial Cleaners in Virginia

A cleaner office can make your employees actually look forward to coming in. Of course, clients will be equally impressed and have a higher likelihood of signing that deal you’re looking forward to.

We offer deep cleaning services that make sure no corner in your office is left untouched. From vacuuming the carpets to garbage disposal services, we’ve got you covered.

Need more information? Contact us here to learn more about our cleaning services in Virginia.