Carpet and commercial cleaners say that if your carpet looks dirty, it’s well overdue for a cleaning; by the time a carpet starts to show dirt, it’s already full of both dirt and all of the not-so-pleasant things that come with it. The best way to keep the carpet in your office clean is through preventative maintenance: don’t wait for the dirt to show up.

This requires a habit of carpet cleaning and a considerable amount of time, so you might want to leave this to your janitorial services. If you don’t have a cleaning service yet, here are a couple of reasons why you might want to look at hiring one soon, if only to keep your carpets clean.

Clean Carpets Make an Impression—and So Do Dirty Ones

A lot of research has gone into how customers perceive rooms. Everything from lighting to color to the presence of music or a clock have been considered, manipulated, tested, and used by businesses for years. The most interesting part is that most consumers don’t even recognize the things that register on their subconscious.

A dirty carpet is one of those things that gets into someone’s subconscious. They may not walk out saying, “That carpet was dirty!” but they are likely to tell others, “That office looks dingy inside.”