A well-cleaned doctor’s office is a matter of life and death. It goes beyond the need to impress new patients with how pristine your workspace looks. In the U.S. alone, an estimated 99,000 preventable deaths occur due to infections from hospitals.

Healthcare professionals should do everything in their power to prevent such tragedies from taking place.

To help you achieve those ends, we’ve compiled a small list of tips and procedures that will ensure that you’ve got a completely safe workplace where your patients will have no chance of being infected whatsoever.

#1 Keep Your Surfaces Sanitized

This is especially important for areas which patients (and staff) are more likely to touch during the day. Tables, chairs, and banisters all need to be extensively disinfected on a regular basis.

This also goes for the rest of the building, of course. Floors and walls need sanitizing because bacteria and viruses stick to these places. Toilets are another highly visited area where visitors liberally touch faucets, basins, and the paper towel dispenser.

Note: For offices dealing with children, disinfecting the lower portion of walls is a must. Generally, the lower portion gets overlooked. However, children are more prone to touching walls and will of course touch areas comfortably within their reach.

It’s important to train your staff to leave the disinfecting solution on these surfaces for extended periods. People with highly contagious and resilient diseases visit your workplace, so they’ll take longer to fully wipe out.

Your disinfectant should be a powerful—one approved for hospital use by the EPA.

#2 Prevent Cross-Contamination

Cross contamination is accidentally transporting a disease while you’re cleaning it. Suppose you’re cleaning the bathroom and touch a surface where a harmful organism is lurking.

You may think you’ve done your job, but once you exit the space you cleaned and start touching other surfaces, you unknowingly helped the disease spread to other locations.

Wearing disposable clothing while you clean your workplace is imperative for this reason. Items like disposable gloves and masks are essential.

#3 Dispose of Waste Properly

Any biohazardous materials need to be placed in their designated containers and disposed of as soon as possible. All of these bins and containers should be disinfected overnight.

If your workspace deals with syringes, staff members require proper training on how to dispose of them.

#4 Keep the Air Ducts Clean

Easily overlooked, but highly dangerous, air ducts are a spawning ground for harmful germs. Regular staff members aren’t generally qualified to clean air ducts, which is why it’s recommended that you hire janitorial services Rockville MD to deal with the issue.

HVAC systems are another aspect you need to consider. It takes a qualified professional to clean them and replace their filters on a quarterly basis.

#5 Wash Your Hands

This point cannot be stressed enough. Wash your hands (and have your staff members wash theirs too) after each and every activity. This leaves nothing to chance and further ensures the safety of your patients.

#5 Hire a Cleaning Company

Office cleaning in Chevy Chase MD is best left to the professionals. A trained team well-versed with the state’s safety regulations and laws can do a better job of cleaning your office than in-house staff ever could.

Besides, a cleaning company has the know-how to make your office look as neat as possible so that your patients are filled with confidence once they enter.

In Summary

People who visit hospitals often have compromised immune systems, which is why it’s your moral duty to ensure that there’s no chance of them being infected whatsoever. Janitorial services Bethesda MD can help you do this.

There’s absolutely no reason to compromise on the safety of your patients. The worst case scenario for not doing so is that a patient of yours loses their life due to a staff member’s negligence and you’re swarmed with litigation. No one wins in such a scenario.

It’s far better to invest in a cleaning company with a solid track record. Our professionals are always willing to answer any questions you have, and of course, give your office the deep cleaning that it deserves.