Both deep cleaning and standard cleaning are very important to keep your commercial buildings clean. Many cleaning companies offer standard cleaning as well as deep cleaning. Knowing the difference between these services can be difficult if you are hiring cleaning companies in DC for the first time. Read this article to learn more about deep and standard cleaning and decide which cleaning service is best for you.

Difference Between Deep Cleaning And Standard Cleaning

Life is very busy, and cleaning your commercial building from top to bottom can take up a lot of your time. Business owners can regularly dust and vacuum their offices by employees. However, many time-consuming tasks are left out of daily activities, such as cleaning the inside of furniture or dusting hard-to-reach areas behind furniture. Deep cleaning is required to meet these types of tasks. During a deep cleaning, often overlooked cleaning activities are performed.
The main difference between standard cleaning and deep cleaning is attention to detail. How often you have to hire deep cleaning or standard Commercial Cleaning Services varies from building to building. Many business owners thoroughly clean their office after every three months or so. As a standard rule, never let a year go by without thoroughly cleaning the office. Ideally, you should hire Commercial Cleaning in Washington DC to avail standard cleaning to prevent germs and fungi from growing in hidden areas, reducing the health risks in your building.
On the other hand, standard cleaning is less expensive and the perfect choice to clean your commercial building. If professionals visit your office or any other commercial building for standard cleaning, it may take a long time for deep cleaning without the appearance of visible dust.

How Can Deep Cleansing And Standard Cleaning Reduce The Spread Of Germs?

Have you ever seen one person get sick on Monday, soon turning half the office on Friday? With so many people working in confined spaces and sharing bathrooms, kitchens, and meeting rooms, infectious bugs and germs are quickly spread from person to person. Winter is around the corner, and the coughs, colds, and flu come up with winter, but deep cleaning and standard cleaning is an effective way to help reduce the spread of germs and increase the level of hygiene in the workplace. Now is the time to get Commercial Cleaning Services in DC professional cleaning company such as colonial cleaning. They provide Commercial Cleaning in DC before and after business hours, allowing employees to stay focused and avoid breaks in their work.

Deep Cleaning And Standard Cleaning By Different Areas

During your cleaning routine, you can maintain a spotless and fresh office environment. Standard cleaning includes vacuuming carpets & hard floors, dusting major furniture, and mopping hard floors. However, professionals at colonial cleaning pay extra attention to every area of your office and clean hidden spots during the deep cleaning. Vacuuming upholstery furniture is essential during a deep cleaning. It should also include cleaning light fixtures, windows, and many more.
The bathrooms are cleaned regularly and carefully. However, there is a difference between deep bathroom cleaning and standard bathroom cleaning. During a deep cleaning, technicians should clean the door, cabinets, and vents. Brushing grout in the shower has been included in many checklists for deep bathroom cleaning! Without a deep cleaning every few months, the mold may begin to appear due to moisture.

Deep Cleaning And Standard Cleaning Save Money

While hiring Office Cleaning in Washington, DC can actually save you money over time. How? Deep cleaning and standard cleaning involve hard-to-reach areas cleaning such as carpet and hardwood floors and office equipment, upholstery, and window door. The cleanliness of these items means that they will always look new and will not need to be changed often, saving you money over time. Many cleaning companies recommend hiring their deep cleaning service if the cleaning professional has not cleaned your office in the past three months. After you deep clean your commercial building and keeping it clean will be fun. Colonial Cleaning team feels delighted to hear from you! We are popular for our affordable commercial cleaning services. Visit our website to know more about our cleaning services. But, don’t wait and win your free time back! Book your service online.