2022 is right around the corner. Many of us have started sharing our resolutions for how we would like to improve our lives. As a Washington DC resident, an excellent resolution could be to maintain a clean workplace if you own or manage a commercial facility. You can hire Commercial Cleaning Services in DC or do it yourself. We are here to help you implement your New Year’s resolution. These are some New Year’s resolutions to consider setting to keep your commercial facility clean:

Ask Your Employees For Help

An experienced commercial cleaner will tell you that cleaning an office is the best way to clean it. Although it may sound simple, there are some truths to this solution. It is important to ask your employees to clean up after spills and dispose of trash in the garbage can instead of allowing it to fall on the floor. The cleaning process can be made more efficient if employees clean up after themselves.

Set A Cleaning Routine

Some jobs are overlooked if there is no schedule for when they should be done. This is because we all have busy lives throughout the week. It’s easy to forget the little tasks around your desks and personal spaces. If you don’t schedule the cleaning in common areas, it is easy to overlook it. The schedule should reflect the frequency of cleanings, as well as who is responsible for each item. This will ensure that your office is clean and tidy.

Develop Cleaning Instructions For Your Staff

You may think that everyone knows how to clean each item on the checklist. However, some staff members may not have learned how to clean certain things. This will help you create cleaning instructions for each area of your office. Instructions don’t have to be complicated or long. Make sure they are clear, concise, and provide enough information to do the job.

Create A Specific Place For Employees To Eat

Employee morale is important, but so are common break areas. Break rooms are used to keep food and drinks out of reach from the rest of the office. Over time, coffee spills and food crumbs can cause a dirty office. When you have a break room in your building, your employees will be more likely to take breaks and have a specific place for food and drinks, as this can deter them from eating at their desks. This will also allow you to keep your office cleaner and more organized.

Target Public Areas First When Cleaning

Always tackle areas, such as meeting rooms, restrooms, and waiting areas first. These areas and the windows in your office are essential to maintain a positive impression of your commercial facility. Customers may be less likely to trust you if you don’t keep your office clean. Make sure to include these essential areas on your cleaning list.

Hire a professional for Commercial Cleaning in Washington DC

Hiring a professional Commercial Cleaning Services in DC is a great way to keep your resolutions for 2022. Commercial Cleaning in DC can make your employees more productive because a clean office allows them to better concentrate on their jobs.
A professional cleaning company can also help you save money because the cleaning team can do a better job than you when it comes to cleaning your facility. Cleaning companies have the best equipment. If you don’t plan to invest in industrial vacuums and floor polishers, pressure washers, or other costly equipment, it is better to leave that up to professionals at Colonial Cleaning. Colonial Cleaning has high-end equipment, so you save money by hiring them to keep your facility clean.
A cleaning company may offer many types of cleaning services. Based on your requirements, they will create a customized plan for your business. You may require a different type of cleaning every now and then, so they can accommodate your business by providing those services as well.
It doesn’t have to be difficult to keep your New Year’s resolution to clean your commercial facility. These steps will ensure that your office or facility is spotless and you stick to your New Year’s resolution. Hiring a professional Commercial Cleaning in Washington DC will help you keep your workplace clean and tidy throughout 2022 and beyond.