A clean and shiny workplace isn’t just about aesthetics—it directly affects your company’s profitability. From the health and productivity of your employees to your clients’ experience with your brand, office cleanliness strongly affects your business’s perception and day-to-day operations.

Not to mention, many states in the U.S. require that you maintain a specific level of hygiene in your workplace (for your employees’ safety).

With that being said, if you’re looking for a commercial cleaner in Maryland, we’ve compiled a small list of tips that will help you keep your office clean at all times with the least amount of work on your part:

#1: Have Everyone Declutter Their Desks

This is doubly true if you have an open office where everyone’s workstation is in plain sight. When all of your employees have put some effort into making their desks look nicer, the entire workplace will start looking neater and tidier.

#2: Sanitize Your Office Equipment

This tip doesn’t have spectacular results like the other tips mentioned in this article, but it’s just as significant. Make sure that hand sanitizers are available throughout the office and consider hiring a business cleaner in Maryland.

Such a contractor will ensure that all your surfaces are sanitized and polished. Additionally, they’ll also clean out your HVAC system—a major source of harmful mold and bacteria.

#3: Have a Separate Space for Eating

Residue from food leftovers and spills accumulate over time. It’s almost unnoticeable when the mess is piling up, but it will eventually get into corners, nooks, and crannies, which are difficult to clean on a regular basis. This grime is easily noticeable and highly unpleasant to look at.

A great solution is to start eating in a separate place altogether! If possible, you could make this space easier to clean by putting appropriate furniture that needs a quick wipe to look brand new again in that specific area.

#4: Hire a Business Cleaner

Janitorial services in Maryland are a great option because they provide cleaning services that in-house teams can’t. Cleaning the carpets, ensuring that all the furniture is spotless, dusting and polishing surfaces, taking out industrial waste, and keeping your bathrooms in check are activities best left to the professionals.

It’s important to choose a well-known and professional contractor who cleans regularly, communicates well, and follows a schedule. Spending some time researching the best cleaning services in your area will pay dividends later.

#5: Provide Your Employees With Hand Wipes

Not only will this ensure a cleaner office, but it will also make your employees feel valued. Hand wipes on every desk will ensure that no one touches any surfaces with dirty hands.

Over time, this will have a compound effect and your furniture and equipment will be much cleaner than they would normally be.

#6: Incentivize a Clean Workplace

A small reward goes a long way. You could announce that if the office meets certain standards for cleanliness, all your employees would receive a shared gift or a party.

There’s no limit to how far you could take this idea. You could start offering individual employees rewards if they go out of their way to help your office look squeaky clear (or even have a tier list of your employees that encourages them to do their part in keeping their work environment as clean and user-friendly as possible).

#7: Train Your Team

Awareness is extremely important if you want your employees to be on the same page as you when it comes to keeping the office clean. It’s worth hiring a qualified speaker and hosting a mini-seminar during which it’s made clear why a cleaner office is better for the company and for society in general.

If your team knows why keeping their office clean is important, they’ll be far more likely to participate in cleaning drives (in addition to daily routines that keep the workplace looking at its best). These are purely voluntary activities and you’ll need to motivate your team members if you want them to join your efforts.

Putting these tips into effect will transform the look and feel of your workplace and give you an edge over your competition. If you have any questions regarding office cleaning, we’re always happy to help!