Studies have shown that employees who work in stressful environments—even in low-level stress environments over an extended period of time—tend to be less productive.

Clutter creates a low-level stress environment, and if not corrected, can lead to employees who are more unmotivated, irritable, and unproductive. If you notice a productivity problem and can’t trace stress back to its source, you might want to take a look around your office.

Is the office easy to navigate? Does awkward furniture make your offices feel cluttered and difficult to maneuver? Is there clutter or cords for people to walk around or trip over? These things seem minor, but over time can wear on employees, even if they don’t realize it’s a problem.

Is the office uncluttered? Office cleaning is as important for your employees as it is for your customers. When working in a less cluttered environment, employees provide more consistent performance in every aspect. When things are easier to find, tasks are more efficiently accomplished.