Hiring reliable cleaning services for your office can be challenging. Maintaining an office and providing a completely hygienic environment for your staff is one of the most important responsibilities of every company.

Although you can find various commercial cleaning services in Washington DC, hiring a commercial cleaning company depends on whether outsourcing your office cleaning is worth the expenses and which responsibilities you would like to be included in your checklist every week. This article will help you know the exact tasks your cleaning service company will perform on a weekly basis.

Main tasks your commercial cleaning company will handle for your office:

Here is the list of basic tasks that an office manager can use to organize the cleaning tasks. It also depends on the size of your office. The weekly cleaning list includes deep cleaning services that help you create a healthy work environment. Weekly cleaning services can vary from company to company, depending on the office’s size and the company’s budget.

Weekly cleaning services include cleaning windows, buffing all the hardwood surfaces, cleaning the refrigerator, and emptying and disinfecting all the trash cans. The basic key cleaning tasks are:

1: Wiping furniture and surfaces with chemical-free solutions:

A reliable commercial cleaning service company focuses on cleaning and keeping your company’s desk and other furniture free from dust. They wipe down all the desks and surfaces with the appropriate cloth. They use cleaning supplies that are hypoallergenic, have a minimum odor, and are eco-friendly.

If you would like to replace the supplies they are using, you can communicate with the cleaning team. If you want to provide your own materials, you must consider where you will store them and how your cleaning company will access them.

2: Break room cleaning:

Many business offices contain a staff break room that must be cleaned and sanitized properly. Break room cleaning should be done daily, but deep cleaning and organizing should be included in weekly office cleaning tasks.

3: Vacuuming

Vacuum cleaning is one of the most important tasks that must be included in the weekly cleaning checklist, and you can find different areas that require deep cleaning in your office. For example, vacuum fabric chairs weekly if you have them in your office.

Commercial offices have carpet flooring in different areas, such as conference rooms, reception offices, and the main office.

Vacuum curtains and blinds once a week. If your office is on the main road or in a dusty area, the curtains and blinds get dirty easily and weekly vacuuming can help keep them clean.

4: Cleaning and disinfecting the microwave and refrigerator:

Microwaves in the office kitchen must be cleaned and disinfected properly. They must be sanitized weekly to maintain a healthy environment.

Most offices have a refrigerator that must be sanitized regularly as well. It should be included in a weekly cleaning to-do list. Other appliances like coffee machines and toasters must be clean properly.

5: Cleaning glass windows:

Cleaning companies offer a professional glass cleaning service that removes stains and provides a buffed-up look to the old glass windows. If you have many windows in your office, you can add them to the monthly cleaning tasks.

6: Dusting and moping:

It’s essential to dust all the surfaces and furniture, which may include ceiling fans, baseboards, reception furniture, and other things that accumulate dust easily. They must also be sanitized to improve the quality of the air. This can increase employee health and overall productivity.

Moping the floor is also very important in weekly cleaning. Cleaning companies offer edge-to-edge cleaning with a high-quality microfiber flat moping cloth that can easily scrub the floor area.

7: Final touches:

After completing the cleaning tasks, the company does a final check to make sure that they’ve completed them smoothly and cleaned everything.

They organize all the furniture to make the area look tidy and ready to use for the next working day.

Wrapping up:

You can find various commercial cleaners in Washington DC, but hiring a suitable cleaning service can be difficult if you have no cleaning checklist in your hands. Hiring a cleaning team can be rewarding in countless ways. If you want your office to look neat and sanitized so that your employee can enjoy a healthy environment and work comfortably in the office, hiring a reliable commercial cleaning service company like Colonial Commercial Cleaning is wise.