A study conducted at the University of Arizona has found smartphones, microwave door handles, office desks, floors, and keyboards are the topmost germ-contaminated spots in any office. Do you know that your office desk possibly harbors more germs than a toilet seat? It’s true! Keeping a neat, tidy, and clean workspace is important for efficiency, focus, and productivity. A cluttered workplace can be a reason for distraction and cause unnecessary stress.

To maintain a professional and organized work environment, large corporations and small or midsize businesses often spend a lot of bucks to upkeep their offices. If you are running a business and care for its cleanliness, you need to keep in touch with a professional commercial cleaner in Virginia that will not break the budget. Providing an organized, neat, and clean workspace is the responsibility of an organization while maintaining office excellence is the moral duty of every employee. Here are some tips to help keep your workspace tidy and clean.

1. Keep a Clutter-Free and Clean Desk

A clean workstation is equivalent to a clearer head. Having a neat area makes it easier to handle your tasks. A cluttered desk tells other staff members that your objectives are not in line with the broader image of the organization. Some tips to keep your desk clean and organized are given below:

  1. If anything doesn’t belong to the desk, trash it or return it to its proper place.
  2. Pens, general stationery, files, and volumes should be placed in their rightful area.
  3. Keep important goods that you require on a daily basis in your desk drawers.
  4. Consider switching to paperless if you intend to minimize the quantity of paper you use.

It’s also a good idea to refrain from snacking at your desk because it might cause hygienic and cleaning difficulties. Bad scents can persist in the workplace, and leftover crumbs might draw bugs. Furthermore, it reduces the productivity of your workstation. Nobody likes to show up at your desk and find rotting food. Designating a separate eating place is an excellent way to prevent this issue.

2. Maintain IT Equipment

IT equipment, such as smartphones, PCs, and tablets are handled more frequently than we think in workplaces. Because of their frequent usage, these objects also house germs that spread easily. Given the frequency with which tech is used daily, this could be a severe issue. Simple disinfecting wipes can be used to keep IT gear clean. They must, however, be thoroughly cleaned regularly, just like the rest of your business.

Reduce the number of bacteria and germs in your office, and your staff will become less susceptible to such bacteria, reducing the amount of sick leave they take. Every year, you may save thousands of dollars.

3. Keep the Floors Clean

Floor cleaning is essential, especially in high-traffic areas. Even if you cleaned and sanitized every fixture in your workplace, it won’t matter if the flooring is still filthy. Germs, dirt, and several diseases that are brought in from the outside may readily thrive on them. There’s also a chance that food and beverage spills on the floor might disseminate infectious bacteria and sickness.

For concrete floors, extensive cleansing with chlorine/bleach is usually the most efficient approach. Carpets, on the other hand, may well be steam cleaned to reinstate their pristine condition. A business needs to rely on a commercial cleaning company in Virginia for extensive and in-depth cleaning, as they will attend to those areas that are left unattended in regular cleaning.

4. Try Digitizing Operations

Excess paperwork can contribute significantly to workplace congestion. One of the most effective strategies to minimize paper use is to digitize your workplace operations. Whether it’s collecting a customer’s information or delivering a message to one of the staff members, email and other digital tools can aid in performing all of these activities. Set a goal for your workplace to incorporate more digital operations to minimize paper use.

5. Maintain a Clean Environment in Public Places

It is important to keep the common spaces of the workplace clean. Bacteria transmitted from your workplace to common areas, for example, might cause sickness. To prevent this, it must be deemed obligatory to arrive at the office with clean hands. Keeping hand sanitizer in entryways and common rooms is an excellent approach to achieving this.

Daily cleaning of high-traffic areas with bleach or an antiseptic solution is also recommended. If the communal spaces are kept clean, your staff will be happier, which means they will work harder. These are some of the tips recommended by a reliable and proficient commercial cleaning company in Northern Virginia. Keep the offices clean to make the work environment productive.