Every business needs to clean deeply and perfectly to become environmentally friendly. Therefore, to stay healthy and hygienic, you need to clean your facility. If you are looking for a cleaning company that provides a clean environment and maintains hygiene for employees, you should work with Colonial Commercial Cleaning. Their professional staff and advanced cleaning supplies can manage everything in your building to make the environment pleasant for your employees, clients, and other visitors. Additionally, if you are in Rockville, there are professional janitorial services Rockville MD for you to select.

There are some things you have to take care of before the cleaning crew can begin cleaning your facility. Ten of these important things and ways to prepare your building for commercial cleaning services are listed below:

  1. Discuss your goals and expectations
  2. Consult with the cleaning company and select services
  3. Remove clutter
  4. Clear your windows
  5. Let employees know the importance of cleaning
  6. Inform your staff
  7. Remove non-furniture objects from the floor
  8. Remove everything from the shelves and walls to clean them deeply
  9. Don’t forget the bathroom, entryways, and other spaces
  10. Provide feedback

Let’s discuss all of the given points briefly.

1. Discuss your goals and expectations.

The first step you need to complete before cleaning is to select the areas that need deep cleaning and talk with the company about them. Impress your clients by asking them and explaining your goals that will help the cleaning companies get focused on your expectations.

2. Consult with the cleaning company and select services.

The next step you need to take is to select the company that will clean your building and what types of services you need for cleaning your building. The main services that every cleaning company provides are:

  • Regular night services
  • Floor cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • You can also select deep cleaning for tasks like ductwork inspection.

3. Remove clutter.

Before scheduling your cleaning appointment, you need to address your important data, like files and paper and put them in a safe place. Then, take the important files and paper and organize them properly so that the cleaning team can work without any hurdles. Next, ask the cleaning team to stay away from the area where the files are saved. Finally, remove the files and papers from desks, counters, and floors so they can be cleaned professionally too.

4. Clear your windows.

The other important step for commercial cleaning is to clean your windows for deep cleaning. That means removing the hangings and curtains from the windows so the team can clean them properly.

5. Let employees know the importance of cleaning.

One of the most crucial parts of cleaning your building is that the employees working there know the importance of cleaning and can cooperate with you. When they know how important the cleaning is, they can help you prepare the office for cleaning.

6. Inform your staff.

The other thing you need to do is to inform your staff before cleaning to help you prepare your building for the cleaning crew.

7. Remove non-furniture objects from the floor.

The commercial cleaning services Chantilly VA needs to clean everything, so you must remove all the objects from the floor, like carpets, so that the team can clean the floor as well. Most of the time, you also need to move the chairs and furniture to other rooms to give the company a full range of access.

8. Remove pictures and plants from shelves and walls to clean them deeply.

In many buildings, they decorate the place by hanging pictures on walls and putting plants and other decoration items on the shelves. Therefore, it is necessary to remove these things from the walls to clean them deeply and remove plants from shelves so that the counters can be wiped easily.

9. Don’t forget bathrooms, entryways, and other spaces.

The other thing that should be remembered is to do the same mentioned tasks on other utility spaces like washrooms, entryways, copy rooms, and storage rooms to give the teams a chance to clean the floors and walls of those rooms too.

10. Provide feedback.

At the end of the cleaning session, you need to provide feedback to the team about the experience you received from them. Tell them which service they are best at and in which areas they need some improvements. It would help if you told everything in constructive, clear, and detailed form so that they can provide higher-quality cleaning services.


Hiring Colonial Commercial Cleaning to clean your facility is an excellent choice. If you’re looking for a professional team that offers top-notch cleaning services, you won’t be disappointed. Contact us and get your building in top shape with Commercial Cleaning Services Fairfax, VA.